About Our Company

The Dream

The vision has finally become a reality!  A beautiful alfalfa field in the middle of Southeast Missouri serves as a breathtaking backdrop and incredible one-of-a-kind retail location called M Kay Supply, LLC.  The vision began when owners Malinda and Jarrett Milam looked at Benton, Missouri, and the surrounding area. They recognized a need for retail access to the products they carry.  Born from necessity, this retail store is unlike any other and is in a class all of its own.  From Home Products to Farm Products, Wearables to Hardware, M Kay Supply has something for everyone as well as easy access and warm, friendly staff. Feel free to browse our website for a taste of the wide variety of products we sell, better yet, stop by and visit us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The one of a kind place that puts a smile on your face!

Our Name!

One of our favorite things to hear from our customers is how they say and spell our name! We have heard it all: Mkays, Mkay Benton, Mary Kays Supply, MKs Supply, MK Hardware, and Our absolute favorite is MMMKAAAYYYY Supply! To dispel all myths about our name M Kay Supply, LLC.  stands for Malinda Kay Milam otherwise known as M Kay Supply, LLC.  

An Occupational Therapist by trade turned Home and Hardware business mogul after having her twin girls back in 2014. Malinda is an active member in her community, putting their wants and needs above her own. In fact, she built this store for the community! Malinda's vision was far beyond what anyone though she could accomplish, but she did! M Kay is known for being a one stop shop, having something for everyone! A place where you can get the supplies you need to change the oil in your car, fix that weed eater that’s been giving you all those problems, buy your guns, ammo and licensing, pick-up your beer, ice, and even a cooler if you need, fix that dang pool water that just won't turn clear and even buy your chicken a leash or your turkey a bell! We are seriously a one stop shop!


Thank you for being a customer at M Kay Supply, and no matter how you say our name, we have what you need!